Our Club was established in summer 2019 with the idea of running a half marathon in Kyiv with a 12-year-old Fedya Teklyuk, who has a cerebral palsy. Constant trainings of professional coach Maryna Saenko with Fedya have been attracting more and more people each time, and with each training Fedya became more open and sociable. On October 6, 2019 Maryna and Fedya have successfully ran the WizzAir Kyiv City half-marathon. Fedya was scribed into the Ukrainian Register of Records as the first child with a cerebral palsy in Ukraine, who ran a distance of 21 km, accompanied by a professional coach.

How we work?

We welcome parents who want to run with their children. Before the start of trainings, each family will be instructed by a professional coach. We propose:

  • Regular free trainings three times per week
  • Professional coach support
  • A special jogging stroller for every child

Our mission

We empower children with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events in order to promote personal achievement. While our activity focuses on running, the truth is, running is simply the tool for accomplishing our main objective: to bring hope, inspiration, and the joys of achievement to all.
We want to see more and more children with cerebral palsy participating in marathons every year. In addition to regular trainings, all parents and volunteers will be able to participate as a part of our Team in the following races:


Uklon Night Run

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Stage Rio de Janeiro online race

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WORK.UA Kiev half marathon 2021

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Barcelona stage online

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International Day of Cerebral Palsy



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2 years to the running club "Hand by Hand"


Intertype Dnipro Half Marathon

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Generous race

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Parent’s feedback

Tetiana Bokal

Tetiana Bokal

mom of Kyrylo

Kyryl and I are running together - he is in a stroller, and I am behind pushing him. I help him to feel all the delights of speed. The boy has a complex form of cerebral palsy and he cannot run on his own yet, although he really wants to actively participate in the sport. Since we are always together, we decided to run together too, and we’re really happy of this!

Pavlo Teklyuk

Pavlo Teklyuk

dad of Fedya

Maryna Saenko, founder of the Club, prepared my daughter Lisa for the 10-kilometer race at the Nova Poshta Half Marathon. We welcomed the winners together with the whole family. And our beloved son Fedya, a kid with disability, was the happiest about Liza's finish! Inspired by Fedya's vivid emotions, Maryna got the idea to run the next marathon with him. Searching for a jogging stroller, training grounds with good coverage, registering for a half marathon ... and here's the first training session! The first kilometers were difficult: the guys learned to work in tandem, guide the stroller, adjust their running technique, tried different locations for jogging so that Fedya and Maryna were ready for different situations. Fedya is impatient for every workout! Thanks to the running Team and constant communication, I admit my son speaks better, became more organised and made new friends. All runners interconnect with him on equal ground and he gets great pleasure from this!

Наталя та Павло Мандренко

Natalia and Pavel Mandrenko

Sasha's parents

Our son Sasha has a rare genetic disease, type 2 spinal muscular atrophy. At 15, he is a positive, intelligent, charismatic teenager in a wheelchair. We didn’t even know that we could run with our son, or rather didn’t imagine. Thanks to the "Hand by Hand" club, this has become a reality. From the first meeting, we got into an atmosphere of love, understanding, support. When on the training, we find ourselves in a world of smiles and fun, we forget about fatigue and a hard day. Thank you for giving these emotions to all the people around you! Club "Hand by Hand" is a family. After all, only in the family they feel each other, support with care, love, appreciate, look forward to everyone and believe in the dream. Everyone has their own dream, but the goal is the same. Faith. Hope. Charity.

Tetyana Sarandi

Tetyana Sarandi

mom of Antonina

Antonina is 5 years old girl and she has a severe form of cerebral palsy. We both are very positive girls and never give up. We learned about the Club recently and are very happy about it. This is not only an opportunity for Antonina to develop in the society, but also physical activity for me. Thanks to the friendly Team for the warm welcome! Running with the kids is much more fun.

Gennady Cherevko

Gennady Cherevko

Dad of Vanya and Emmanuel

I heard about the club "Hand by hand" from Facebook when I saw the video of the race done by Maryna and Fedia. Vanya and Em love to play sports and even when I don't feel like it or is lazy, they always motivate me to go to the training. Being with the “Hand by Hand” team is not really about sports, but rather about communication. After all, after each workout, you get an incredible positive charge! For children, it is also a great way to find new friends and, most importantly, tremendous support from all members of the club.

Louise Agbongale

Louise Agbongale

mom of Edith

My baby is almost 4 years old. All this time we’re living in a difficult schedule: frequent trips, classes, life strictly according to the schedule. Trainings in the Club not only help Edith to have fun, but also a support for parents. Each workout is a chance for me to be in shape, meanwhile taking care of and spending time with my child.

Svitlana Teklyuk

Svitlana Teklyuk

mom of Fedya

Fedya was inspired by the trainings of his sister Lisa with coach Maryna and also wanted to become a part of the running team. Maryna figured out how to push a child with a cerebral palsy, who is not walking or sitting alone, to take part in public events, feel being a part of a team, live in the anticipation of training and make new friends. The Club is an absolutely new format for the Ukrainian society to get involved in sport. Everyone here is happy to run together. And although I am an unsportsmanlike person, the eyes of my kid, who gladly run to the training and afterwards tired, but happy, return from it, make me get up and start running.

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